Forming A Fashion Line With Colin Heaney


My love for fashion goes back to my early years when my mother worked for Christian Dior and had me modeling at 10 years old.

Ever since, an old dream of mine has been to design a line of elegant exercise/yoga wear–something comfortable and sexy, which can be worn from morning to night and fit in your luggage without getting ruined.

Through grace and synchronicity while staying as his guest in Byron Bay, I was exposed to a presentation by fashion designer, Colin Heaney. Eureka! Finally a designer whose style I resonated with–his colorful psychedelic dreamscapes on fabric had me bursting with ideas and now we are developing a line together!

This only came to pass because I listened to my inner voice–Colin was working on his laptop and I was busy preparing for my Sex and Superconsciousness keynote address. But an intuitive guidance made me come over to him and voila: it wasn’t long before we had the creative juices flowing and experiencing a newfound inspiration, enthusiasm and mutual admiration.

Colin asked me to provide him with pictures of my designs from which he said he will create holographic fractals, which are in turn transformed into mandalas and manipulated into a final design. I am preparing several pictures for Colin now, may be one or two from my paintings–how much better can that be?

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