Here is a Bali story that just happened to me!

Nowhere in the world is there a home like my home by the sea in Bali.

Today, I was reminded that this home I call “my” home (built by me) and this location I call “my” land (bought by me), has most likely been elected by the Gods and Goddesses of Bali, to prepare me to navigate through the Bardos after death… You know the tibetan buddhists say that when we leave the body, we encounter these terrifying, menacing, alarming realms that challenge our deepest , most primal fears, such as drowning, burning, dying….the trick, of course, is to make it through.

It all started on a very innocent morning. After my first night “home” in my golden bamboo bedroom overlooking the ocean on the first floor.  I was lying in bed, contemplating about my approaching birthday and wondering what I could possibly have to learn, still, after such a long and eventful life.

Suddenly the raging waves started to make a very specific splashing noise, resembling that of a mass of water flattening itself on a concrete slab, and sliding on it, while another double, and even a triple splash followed, and flattened itself onward and screamed and screeched as it continued forward on the land.

Have you ever listened to the ocean? It has a langage of its own. So varied. Certainly worthy of respect. It tells stories of swallowing all that is in front of it and on it, regurgitating all from the depth of its bowels to the light floating slides on its surface, it talks soft and seductive and suddenly punches you in the guts while almost bursting your eardrums. The ocean is a dangerous but worthy partner. I love it and hate it.

So now, I am listening to the familiar, ancient, repetitive sound of the massive, giant waves… I imagine them as if they were speaking to me through their sounds. They shake, rattle and roll, they pound the ground below, hitting the rocks along the sea wall, while the earth under the house is shuddering under the impact.

“Hey”, I want to scream, “enough! We have Mount Agung right behind us, he is in charge of the shaking and the quaking… so keep quiet and leave  the rumbling and shuddering up to him!”

To no avail. Finally I get up to watch. I am on the top floor overlooking the black beach 30 meters from my door step.

And my eyes cannot fathom what I see. It must be a movie. A dream. A horror film. A tsunami. Yes, I was always expecting one of those…any day… NOW !!!

GIGANTIC waves are rising above the land, engulfing my sea wall…  And to think that, just yesterday, I paid my contractor 10.000 $…  130 million Rupiah (which here in Bali is a lot of money) for strengthening and patching up the holes in my sea wall.

And now? There is no sea wall, no shore, no boundaries… Just enormous walls of water rising higher and higher and crashing on the land, the stones, and leaving rivers of silver  reflections glowing all around. Waves crashing higher and landing again and again, And shaking the land again and again. And I watch naked, mesmerized, hardly awake, in front of my bed…then walk on the deck outside of the bedroom… And the water is advancing, each wave sending a stream of foam  showering through the wind which blows it on my skin, on the windows, only to start again relentlessly pounding all. Sending streams and rivers of liquid along every pathway, garden patch, irrigation gutter, Until there is no shore, no earth, just a lake surrounding my house with silvery water on which floats endless quantities of garbage: shoes, chewing gum wrappings, old t-shirts, pieces of multi colored cloths….

I cannot believe my eyes…. A part of me knew it would happen sooner or later. After all this talk of oceans rising.

But here now? How do I deal with this?

Not even one peaceful night home, and immediately nature greets me with it’s exaggerations! Why me? Why now? Don’t I deserve a little peace?

And as I look flabbergasted, the waves continue and the water now streams down the road, through my land, through the back garden, almost at the entrance gate.

I am so freaked out all I can envisage is to get dressed, find a paddle boat, board on it with my two as yet unpacked suitcases from Amsterdam… and paddle away down the road to some new place I could call home.

But where?

Where do you go when You are a global nomad? Every place is “just for now”…

In the middle of this impressive deluge, my cook Putu arrives to serve breakfast, smiling and kind as usual. Putu! I Scream! “This is it! I am leaving! I can’t stand it! what did I do to deserve this!!!” I am catharting my female hysteria and serving it to him for breakfast. He remains Olympian. And smiling.

“Well,” he says, “the travel agency called, they want to bring a client to visit your place.”


And now, I say, don’t make breakfast. Clients are coming… Oh… no… I forgot. We can’t show a house in the middle of a lake. That would not do!!!!

I am lost, befuddled, despairing and feeling utterly abandoned.

Well, I say to myself. Let’s stay honest. I must warn the real estate people. I must explain them: “It’s not a house this morning, it’s a boat on a lake!”

A nice Balinese young woman named Dewi answers.

I tell her: ”Ibu Dewi, we are swimming over here!!! It’s terrible! I can’t show the house like that… I am jumping up and down…”

And to my amazement she is completely unphased by the situation.

“No problem, “she says,” we’ll come two hours later. It will be all right!”

What ??? “But I will loose all credibility with the agency showing a house in a lake…”

Well, Dewi is a strong Goddess in the hindu pantheon. She proceeds very methodically and calmly to tell me all would be well and not to worry.

Ah… Bon.

Beween 9 am and noon, the staff filled one huge rice bag after another  (the biggest ones) with garbage. We called a pickup truck from the village next door. He took the garbage bags (yes, plastic… but what to do?), 5…. 10…. More…. Brought them to the dump nearby. I went to have a coffee. A toast…  All settled on the land. The sun spread a benevolent golden glow on the landscape. The waves receded and softened.

By 1 pm all looked perfectly normal again. The water had sunk into the ground.(mmmm how good is that ?). No garbage anywhere. Sun shining. Flowers blooming around the entrance doors. Hanuman statues, smiling, guarding the doors with their red umbrellas. I go around the house and fix this and that, last minute. Again, I can’t believe what I am looking at. This just “didn’t happen” ???

The clients arrive. A whole tribe of westerners, young   women with new born babies, several sexy men around 38 to 42. Super cool. I give them the tour. The main client turns out to be of german origin. An architect. His motto when I explain things to him is: ”I know”…. I finally discover he is an architect. He knows everything already when I try to explain this and that. Unfazed by the sea encroaching, he says he is satisfied that the sea wall looks well done. Unfazed by the many bamboo tiles falling on the sides of the roof…. He shows me some of the houses he builds on Bali : wood, stone, strong and elegant. Mmmmm.

Smiling, I invite them for  a coconut drink. We settle down in the living room facing the ocean. I tell them why they should buy my house.

Finally they leave, happy. And I feel good. I go back in for tea. And I can’t believe what just happened. Another normal day at home in Bali.

I am stuck between the ocean and the volcano. I knew it would be rough. What a birthday present!!!!

Its true, a part of me loves it. And a part of me wants to run and have peace and security. Ah…well. Happy Birthday.

L’extase sexuelle est accessible à tous ?

This is a great, thorough and intelligent article talking about the subtle energies released during orgasm. It just appeared in France in the revue “Femitude”

It answers the question:

Fémitude: Est-ce que la voie dè l’extase

L’extase sexuelle est accessible à tous ? Même à

ceux qui ont une première expérience

sexuelle beaucoup moins heureuse ? Même

à ceux qui se sentent à des années-lumières

d’un rapport sain et décomplexé à leur

corps et à leur sexualité ?

Margot Anand : Oui, absolument.

Read the full article here:

An interview on Spirit Pig!

Please enjoy this wonderful interview with Duncan of Spirit Pig:

iTunes link:

A la rencontre de l’orgasme divin

Interview de Margot Anand

Margot Interview Jean-Francois 1

Margot Anand, la grande prêtresse du tantra et Fondatrice de la méthode Skydancing Tantra est l’auteure de nombreux livres de Tantra, dont le succès planétaire « Les chemins de l’extase ».
A l’occasion de la sortie de son dernier livre aux éditions Trédaniel : « A la rencontre de l’orgasme divin », notre collaboratrice, Patricia Menetrey, l’a rencontrée à Paris pour Meditationfrance.

Bonjour Margot, dans ce dernier livre, plus personnel, tu parles d’un événement incroyable : ton éveil. Peux-tu nous en dire quelques mots ?

Margot Anand : tu vas tout de suite au dernier chapitre du livre toi !
Tu commences par la fin ! (Rires)

Cela montre que je l’ai lu entièrement.

Dans ce dernier livre, je désirais emmener mes lecteurs dans les coulisses des aventures des différentes initiations qui m’ont amené à fonder ce qui est aujourd’hui l’école du Tantra Sky dancing.
L’existence m’a offert ce cadeau inestimable de vivre un premier éveil, survenu lors de ma toute première expérience sexuelle : faire l’expérience de ce que je nomme un orgasme cosmique. J’ai alors quitté mon corps pour devenir pure lumière, reconnaissant désormais quelle était ma nature véritable. Je savais que j’y retournerai un jour.
Cette expérience de libération m’offrait de vivre un état dans lequel je devenais libre de toutes identifications à nos systèmes de pensées : culture, école, famille, éducation.
Je vivais une libération de l’espace-temps, de la matière, des idées du mental.
C’était tout à fait inhabituel. A cette époque. Paris prônait l’existentialisme, et nos références étaient Beauvoir et Sartre. Nous n’avions alors que faire de choses ayant trait avec une ascension dans les sphères supérieures, dont on parle beaucoup plus facilement aujourd’hui.
Cette expérience m’a fait découvrir que la voie de la sexualité ouvrait vers la spiritualité. Ma vie s’est transformée, je suis devenue une chasseresse de l’extase.
Toutes les personnes qui méditent assidument le savent : il est difficile de ne pas croire qu’un jour un éveil pourrait se produire, nous conduisant au-delà de la dualité, permettant ainsi de réaliser notre nature véritable nommée l’état de Bouddha.
Une fois vécue, cette ouverture d’un élargissement de la conscience laisse la personne qui médite dans une quête permanente, cherchant à l’enraciner, à la faire revivre. Comment trouver une méthode qui puisse ancrer cet état.
Or la contradiction dans cette histoire, c’est que la grâce est un don. Il n’est guère possible de dire : « ok s’il te plait, je suis libre de 5 à 6, alors arranges-toi pour arriver de 5 à 6, parce que c’est seulement là que j’aurai un peu de temps. »
Ça ne marche pas comme ça.
Comme tu le sais, nous faisons tout ce que nous pouvons pour y parvenir. Nous sommes déjà éveillés, mais nous avons comme un voile qui se nomme l’égo.
Ce fameux égo produit divers programmes restrictifs, créés par notre famille, notre culture, notre éducation; nous privant des réalités transcendantales.
Premier amour, premier éveil. Cette expérience sexuelle fut un cadeau inestimable. Souvent les premières expériences sexuelles sont terribles et influencent à vie la suite des vécus. Il devient difficile pour ceux et celles qui l’ont mal vécu de s’ouvrir ensuite à toutes les possibilités qui sont offertes. Je le constate en permanence dans mes groupes ou mes séminaires, la première expérience sexuelle est fondamentale, car c’est elle qui va nous conditionner, en nous ouvrant ou nous fermant à toutes les possibilités qui nous sont offertes par la suite. Cette première expérience conditionne aussi l’opinion que nous avons de nous–mêmes.
L’éveil dont je parle dans mon livre est un éveil qui n’a rien à voir avec la sexualité.
Je vivais en Inde dans l’ashram de mon maître préféré : Osho. Celui que je nomme my root Lama. (En français : lama-racine. Dans le bouddhisme : celui par qui la transmission s’est faite.)
A l’époque, Osho aimait proposer des méditations aux milliers de personnes présentes autour de lui. Une très belle musique était jouée par de vrais musiciens de talent. Après un silence de recueillement, un énorme coup de gong frappé par le très célèbre Nivedano, invitait chacun à lâcher totalement prise et à se laisser choir lourdement sur le sol dans la détente la plus complète. Là était le paradoxe, et la grosse rigolade, car nous étions tous serrés les uns contre les autres, manquant singulièrement d’espace pour méditer, ou lâcher prise.
La voix d’Osho nous invitait à revenir lentement, à retrouver notre corps et à emmener ce Bouddha avec nous tout au long de la soirée et de la journée suivante. Chacun rentrait chez lui pour faire la fête, manger, vaquer à sa vie.
Je rentrais ainsi chez moi, lentement, sentant cette conscience féminine, ce Bouddha féminin comme je la nomme : la Bouddha Shakti, bien présente à toutes choses, les odeurs, les sons, le ciel, les étoiles.
Je décidais de poursuivre cette méditation sur mon coussin de méditation. C’est alors que se produisit comme un son bizarre ressemblant au bruit d’une branche feuillue balayant une surface. C’est ainsi que toute ma vie a chaviré.
Ressentis, colères, sentiments, tout a complètement disparu. C’était comme si une main divine avait essuyé le tableau noir pour effacer tout ce qui s’y trouvait.
Le vide, un grand choc. C’était très calme, très doux complètement différent.
Je suis restée dans cet état un moment et puis je me suis pincée afin de vérifier si c’était bien moi.
J’ai entendu une voix qui disait : « C’est extraordinaire » puis une autre voix répondait : « Non c’est tout à fait ordinaire, c’est toujours comme ça ! »
Après j’ai interrogé « Qui est là ? » La voix a répondu « Personne »
A partir de cet instant j’ai fait l’expérience d’une conscience qui n’est plus emberlificotée dans un égo. Une conscience allégée de toutes charges émotionnelles, du poids du passé. Seule demeure la joie de l’instant présent.

Margot Interview Jean-Francois 2

Est-ce que cet état grandit. Est-ce comme un courant continu ?

Osho a dit une chose très juste et je crois savoir qu’il est le seul à avoir dit ça : « L’éveil est un processus qui commence et ne finit jamais. Je pourrais répondre à ta question en disant que le temps est venu de ne pas simplement demeurer sur son coussin de méditation. L’éveil est devenu un évènement collectif. Il ne s’agit plus de s’isoler du monde dans un monastère. Chacun doit devenir un activiste de l’éveil comme le dit un ami.
A partir de l’instant où nous expérimentons des fréquences vibratoires, il s’agit de les répandre autour de soi et dans le monde. Il s’agit de répondre au besoin du monde.
Nos propres besoins ne servent qu’à se mettre au service de l’éveil de l’humanité.
Je me considère comme un petit rouage dans cette histoire en marche. Mon éveil est vécu dans certains moments avec ses phases d’intensité, en constante mouvance. Vivre totalement l’instant présent signifie que je ne sais plus de quoi demain sera fait.
J’achète donc des billets aller simple, et décide sur place lorsqu’il est temps de repartir : demain, après-demain, dans un mois, dans deux mois. Je suis devenue comme l’oiseau sur la branche. Cela me permet de goûter à la vie de manière totale, sans stress.
Je trouve cela merveilleux, cela me donne la possibilité de rencontrer des personnes merveilleuses…comme toi.

Comment intègres-tu la dimension de la méditation dans tes groupes de Tantra ? Est-il possible d’être totalement présent dans l’acte sexuel, alors qu’il est si souvent lié à la peur, aux doutes, aux fantasmes ?

Dans la méditation il y a toujours cette première étape, Shunyata (terme sanscrit signifiant la vacuité) la prise de conscience. La deuxième étape est celle qui permet de développer cette conscience, témoin d’elle-même.
Cette conscience-là qui permet de se regarder et ainsi de décider. Est-ce que je vais dans mes doutes ou vais-je choisir la gratitude ? Là où tous les chemins sont possibles.
Seul mon choix va permettre de les manifester. Ça, c’est INNELUCTABLE : plus nous aurons développé l’art de la méditation, plus nous serons à même d’avoir une expérience amoureuse POSITIVE.
Donc la première chose est la présence. La deuxième est le choix de la direction que l’on prend, c’est à dire de devenir le témoin de soi-même. Osho dit que lorsque deux amants sont dans un lit, ils ne sont jamais seuls ; s’invitent dans la danse les parents, les parents de nos parents, et toute une génération de personnes qui sont là, prêts à donner leur avis sur ce qui est bien ou mal, selon leurs vécus. Avec en prime, la voix du prêtre qui en rajoute. Ce dialogue charrie et transporte toutes les stupidités que l’on a pu recevoir au cours de notre éducation sous la forte l’influence des idioties de la religion. Il faut donc un certain courage pour se rendre compte que la sexualité n’est ni dangereuse, ni risquée.
La religion a peur de l’extase, considérée comme dangereuse. Pourquoi ? Parce qu’un être extatique est un être libre, un libre penseur qui décide seul comment il ou elle va vivre sa vie. Ce n’est plus une personne qui va rester sur les rails, et suivre les dictums de nos politiciens, qui ressemblent plus à des primates qu’autre chose !
Pour en revenir au Tantra, ces textes existent depuis des millénaires et lorsque vous regardez les écritures anciennes, et bien vous vous apercevrez que tous ces enseignements portent sur l’éveil. Il n’y a que 10 pour cent qui s’occupent de sexualité. Tout le reste est consacré aux autres approches de l’éveil.
De retour d’Inde dans les années 70, je me considère comme une des premières personnes à avoir amené la connaissance et la reconnaissance que la sexualité devait être inclue dans les outils de l’éveil. Beaucoup de voies spirituelles l’avaient condamnée et abandonnée, vous enseignant qu’il faut s’arrêter à partir de la ceinture et surtout ne pas partir en-dessous.
Le tantra est une des rares sciences spirituelles qui inclut la notion d’orgasme et d’énergie qui monte à son apogée, comme méthode hautement qualifiée de cultiver l’éveil.
Ce qui vous amène consciemment dans la joie vous ouvre les portes de l’esprit. Ce n’est pas nécessairement sexuel. Mais cela demeure un choix et un choix conscient.
J’invite désormais mes participants à créer leur mantra personnel, remplaçant les pratiques qui consistaient à répéter des bijas (sons racines) Ce mantra est censé vous ouvrir à certaines vertus, à certains états énergétiques qui sont supposés vous ouvrir à la méditation. Nous remplaçons les vibrations du sanscrit par les vibrations du français ou de l’anglais. Le mantra que j’ai développé affirme dans le présent « Je suis une femme orgasmique » Pourquoi ? L’observation de ma propre expérience m’a montré de manière régulières, lors des moments de partager un début d’intimité, et de vivre un moment de sensualité, que mon mental me racontait toutes sortes de choses comme : je ne suis pas prête, je n’ai pas envie, il n’a pas vraiment envie non plus, ça se passerait mieux demain. Du reste, j’ai oublié d’éteindre la lumière du garage, ou le gaz.
Si je suis cette directive-là, j’interromps la session, je me lève pour réaliser que tout allait bien, mais mon énergie a bifurqué, j’ai désormais perdu l’énergie, le fil du moment amoureux, ce délicieux chatouillement électrique au départ de l’affaire.
Alors que si je me répète : je suis une femme orgasmique, le désir se met en marche, ainsi que le rappel du fait d’être présent. Je peux développer les trois clés de la puissance orgasmique qui sont : le souffle, la voix et le mouvement. Il n’est guère possible d’observer le souffle profond et d’être dans son mental. Le pelvis se met alors en mouvement et la voix donne une couleur à notre énergie. Une communication non verbale peut alors s’installer entre les partenaires. Le son donne confiance au partenaire qui sait que tout se déroule bien.
Ce mantra me donne la possibilité de réaliser totalement mon potentiel orgasmique.
Créez-le, et changez en tous les jours si nécessaire, jusqu’à trouver la bonne formule !
C’est une approche.

Margot Interview Jean-Francois 3

Qu’aurais-tu à dire aux jeunes qui s’imaginent le tantra comme une pratique hindouiste un peu folklorique, faite d’exercices rituels obsolètes ?

Je répondrai par une histoire qui illustre tout.
Un jour sur une route de Californie, pays où j’ai longtemps vécu, je prends un très jeune auto-stoppeur qui me dit « je vous reconnais, vous êtes Margo Anand, je vous ai entendu il y a bien des années à la radio. Mon père et ma mère suivent vos séminaires, dont j’ai écouté tous les enregistrements. A cette époque j’étais encore un jeune homme vierge. Eh bien, lors de ma première expérience sexuelle, j’ai pensé à vous avec beaucoup de reconnaissance, car j’ai su comment m’y prendre. Et depuis vous êtes restée dans mon cœur, car vos enseignements m’ont beaucoup servi. »
Savoir communiquer. Savoir dire oui, non pas pour faire plaisir à l’autre, mais parce que je suis prêt ou prête. Ceci est une chose que les jeunes ne savent pas toujours faire.
Il existe aussi de nombreux livres. Ceux qui demeurent des ploucs par rapport à la sexualité, excuse-moi mais c’est la voie de la paresse. Il semble qu’en Amérique les personnes sont accros aux sites pornographiques, pourquoi ? Parce la pornographie est de la mécanique, et une mécanique unidirectionnelle, faite pour les hommes. Les femmes y sont traitées comme des trous servant à relâcher les tensions sexuelles des hommes !
Soyez un peu plus délicats, ne commencez pas par la sexualité. Commencez de la manière suivante : asseyez-vous l’un en face de l’autre, faites un namasté (salutation du cœur)
Je t’honore comme un aspect de moi-même, jeune femme, jeune fille, et toi jeune homme je te reconnais comme un aspect de moi-même. Puis élaborez un menu : de quoi j’ai envie ? D’un massage du corps, qui peut devenir un massage plus intime. Osez donner un nom à vos parties intimes, un nom noble, pas un nom issu de l’argot. Les jeunes comme les personnes plus âgées, peuvent le faire, c’est très amusant. Après cela, dites-vous : comment veux-tu être aimée, être touchée, être embrassée ? Passionnément ? Comme la caresse d’une petite plume effleurant tes lèvres ?
Décrivez de la tête aux pieds comment vous désireriez être touchée.
Les personnes ne font jamais cela, passant directement à l’acte, les hormones sont enragées, personne ne sait vraiment comment s’y prendre et la culpabilité et l’envie sont là, bien présentes.
Le tantra de Margot Anand sert à harmoniser les aspects contradictoires de notre personnalité : le cœur dit « ah, il me plait celui-là, je le veux » La tête dit « tu n’y songe pas, ta maman t’a avertie, pas de sexe avant 18 ans ou le mariage. » Tous ces aspects se font la guerre et c’est la confusion totale.
Le Tantra est une science de l’éveil amoureux, un yoga de l’amour. Lorsque notre jeunesse aura pris le temps à partir de 13-14 ans de s’éduquer sur ce sujet, et bien elle aura une première expérience sexuelle réussie, et cela les portera par la suite à une vie amoureuse épanouie.

Aurais-tu quelque chose de personnel à rajouter ?

Je voudrais dire aux jeunes de faire la part de ce qui est tabou, de ce qui est vieille France, et méthodes anciennes. Et de ce qui est la réalité d’aujourd’hui. La sexualité est une bonne chose, si elle est pratiquée en toute sécurité, afin de ne pas attraper toutes ces maladies qui sévissent.
Choisissez en conscience ce qui vous apporte de la joie, cela vous ouvrira la porte de l’esprit.

Livre: A la rencontre de l’orgasme divin

 French Version of LSA Cover

Margot Anand
Aux éditions Guy Trédaniel.

Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site web de l’Institut Tantra Skydancing fondée par Margot Anand (France – Suisse – Belgique)

My Book Tour in Paris!

For 10 beautiful days, I was in Paris on a book launch for A LA RENCONTRE DE L’ORGASME DIVIN – (USA title: Love, Sex, and Awakening).

It was a whirlwind celebration…

MA Teaching Crowd 2


MA Presenting 2

I discovered that the current news media and TV media is different now. Most of the alternative stuff is going via the Internet.

studio paris interview

In Paris, I had some interesting hosts, and the media was less KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid), and less stuck around the first chakra: “Trying to be at the level of the lowest common denominator.” Or, “Give us some techniques to have a good orgasm.” All this in less than three minutes before the next publicity event, of course.

But, I come from a tradition where it’s just the reverse.

In the tantric revelations, practices and experiences which happened to me, it was clear that you step beyond time. Time simply disappears. That bliss is forever. It’s you now. And it’s in you already. When you plug into it, you can choose to be like a live socket every moment. It’s a choice that is available to you. Bioluminescence in your brain!

I am not sure I know how to say that, so people like “Monsieur et madame tout le monde,” will feel attracted to develop their bliss potential enough to buy my book. I am happy with this book. It so far has gotten a five-star rating due to five star reviews on Amazon. My book talks of the ways I found God and Goddess in bed. It’s the story of the awakening of the Guru between my legs. All the amazing initiations I was lucky enough to receive, and which lead me to discover Skydancing Tantra.

I have been trying to convey that there is the sexual orgasm of the body and the spiritual orgasm of the brain, around the pineal, that’s bliss. Most people seem to have no clue. They don’t see that being able to press the “happiness button” every time you focus on that “Master Center” as Aaravindha calls it, is a sure access to inner peace and contentment. Loving what is. No more problems. Do people really want to hear about “no more problems”?

I had a great conversation yesterday with Dave Booda (check his podcast: Darken the Page) and I told him, “I think The Trump is great for America. He is so outrageous that Americans are waking up! Who would have ever dreamed that Americans would elect him? Choose a guy who wants to hire a gorgeous Barbie for $10,000 a night and go to Russia to (according to some true or false but at least “juicy” news outlets), watch two women piss on each other, and who created the Miss Universe pageant and funded the organization so he could go pinch the round and hard bottoms of the contenders back stage and boost about it?”

Where I come from I could never ever imagine a president tweeting, “No, I did not ask those two women in Russian to piss on each other because I am too paranoid about germs”? It’s hilarious!

And besides, it is pretty basic knowledge that anyone who raves about how great he is suffers from a low self esteem complex. And if such is the case, where does that lead America? Double the Army budget!!!

American citizens don’t yet see what power they have. We, in France, had the French revolution. And now the people have a strong voice.

Americans are now earning their voices back. Take the boss of CNN who announced that his journalists would follow the tradition of exploring the facts and telling the truth no matter the cost. Even if that media outlet did not agree with The Trump or follow the party line. That would NOT have happened during the last presidency. It’s Great!! It’s an awakening.

Besides we, the French, don’t mind how many times a president pinches asses or whose asses, and how many mistresses he has (or almost not… Strauss Kahn still didn’t make it, but his demise happened in THE USA). We, in France, want a politician, especially a president, to be a good leader. We don’t particularly care about his private sex life.

Complying Robot


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Allo Friends and Reader… I wrote this a few months ago, while in the USA.

What a day ! I am in the US and I am watching. What is happening here? I have the good fortune to be fairly plugged in. I meet many well respected and well informed writers and teachers and speakers. I teach at Esalen (Beyond Tantra…ah ah…we haven’t’ even started!)

I write teaching programs about bliss the awakening and the balance of the inner masculine and the inner feminine, the yin yang of ecstasy. Tantra and the Pathways to Bliss…. I am looking for ways in which Tantra could spread beyond the bedroom…But when I look around, besides a few privileged enclaves, I don’t see bliss…I see that the anti ecstatic current seems to be growing.

I saw young gifted people promoted to six figures salaries working for big corporations which suck their life juices night and day 24/7. And they come home dead, or so obsessed by their job that their sexual energy is out the door.

I see desperate mothers, who happen to also be brilliant high powered financial officers. And their boss sends them (important) assignments by iPhone even on Sunday while they (can’t even admit) that they are taking their kids to the zoo….I asked : “Don’t you have a right to have a day off ?” “No” they answer. This in the US doesn’t exist. Did you know that there are no (days off) in America, in the corporate world ?

Yet, my friends in Marin seem happy and creative. We all go dancing at the Open Floor dance on Sunday morning. I meet an old and dear friend there. Years ago,we had many adventures together…
He was a paragon of health. A man who was a top health consultant for the international power elite. Yet I find out that he is being treated for throat cancer. Amazingly, while he is receiving chemotherapy..(you know that’s the phase when they pump your body with poison to kill the cancer), he comes to the dance still. And he dances beautifully. I am happy to see that. I am proud of him. But then we go outside and take a break and he tells me this : He and another friend got the throat cancer because of being the victims of a transmissible sexual disease called the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). It shows up as microscopic pimples on the surface of the cervix, in women, inside the vagina, and, presumably on the penis, in men.

How can that become cancer ? Why in the throat ? I ask my friend .
Unprotected oral sex, he answers.
I am amazed. You mean, you kiss someone’s sex, you have a great time, yet you catch HPV ? You live with it, without knowing, no symptoms, for years…and all of a sudden bingo…you get this cancer in the throat. What happened?
Well , my friend says, it may be released, suddenly, because the person’s internal bio-chemical milieu is too acidic and not alkaline enough.
But, I answer, you had a perfectly alkaline milieu in your blood and all ! So what ?
It could be that an operation at the dentist called for certain drugs….and I became acidic, who knows ?
What I know, says my friend, at least the doctor said so, is that more than 60-80 % of people here have this HPV and many don’t even know it. We all carry it.
Gee, I thought to myself, when is the last time I went for a gynecological check up ?…. Visions of a stethoscope sliding up my secret garden while the doctor peers inside. … And what can they see in there ? How will they see those microscopic pimples ?
I am soo glad I had such a great and free sex life starting in 1961… so long ago, so clean, pure, yet wild and ecstatic. The real deal. Mad with pleasure and laughter unleashed. No guilt whatsoever.

So now we are forewarned. No more mouth to sex unprotected kissing with different partners. How do the poly-amorous crowd do it ? You mean we have to do it through saran wrap ???
Just imagine…I can’t imagine…
Too late. The cancer has come for my friend. And so many others around here. Too late.
Maybe not. Maybe they can heal. Many have.
So what to do about it all ?
Last night I was invited to a lecture by a great up and coming new teacher who looks and feels enlightened and calls himself a mystic.
His name : Thomas Huebel. He is Austrian. His story : he was studying medicine and dropped out to go to the Hymalayas where he meditated and studied the writings and teachings of the great mystics for four years. Then he had an awakening.
His wonderful conference was about the importance of being awake and being in relationship as awake beings. Indeed.

(Margot listen to the tape)
He mentioned tantra, briefly. And yoga. As possible spiritual vehicles in relationship. Stepping stones to awakening.
So I asked him to comment on this question :
“There is a mystical dimension in Tantra that teaches that the lovers scan pluck the energy of orgasm and channel it through their Inner flute” a central channel which moves through the chakras. Until this energy merges with consciousness at the crown and beyond and transforms into light and a feeling of oneness with all that is. Is that so ? Or is it an illusion?”
And he answered : “yes, it can indeed be a true spiritual practice and lead to this, an awakening. But we have to pay attention because in many cases, this high energy generates visions that are like movies in the mind and these are not spiritual awakening. But in other cases indeed this transmutation is an awakening. But this is just the first part. It still needs to be embodied.” I suppose Thomas meant that it needs to be actualized. That it needs to carry over into one’s life.

About this, Oscar Ichazo, another great mystic and the founder of the Arica school of mysticism states that, according to him, this practice is rarely achieved in a couple situation because it requires a high level of training by two beings who already are at the same level of spiritual practice.
I am convinced that a couple who would regularly practice the pearls of Skydancing Tantra, such as Riding the Wave of Bliss, would be able to reach high levels of awakening together. I know a few who did.
But the current obstacle here is our current life style. We are more than ever running around in a stress and a chaos because the corporatocracy is sucking our juices and demanding more and more money, more and more work to pay more and more taxes. Everybody here, me included, we are all busy with this. I entered the system. I owe debt on my credit card. Gee….
No time for sex….no time for intimacy….where did the tantra go?
Well, there is something else too.
Did you know that the major religions such as Catholicism and Buddhism are secretly organisations that propagate the joys of being or becoming gay ? Nothing wrong with is, in principle.
Yet, when a young man enters into the seminary and becomes a priest, no one in the church is there to teach him what to do with his boiling libido and his raging hormones.

In Bhutan, in India, in Nepal, it is said the the young monks who join the monasteries at 4 or 5 years old, have sex with one another. They all do. Its part of the process of growing up as a monk. « You’ve got to put it somewhere…
A high and well known Rimpoche in Dharmsala once told me that “We don’t want any babies running around, so we can’t do it with the nuns”…
Conclusion : through the anus nobody procreates.

How does it feel to realize that all those so called holy men and wise teachers are gay and that women don’t have much room in their lives…Imagine the Pope in the Vatican : surrounded by only men. An entire kingdom of just men, where nuns just hold menial jobs, mostly serving. What a world ! And I / we are taught to honor those saintly people who represent what exactly ?
Remember the Inquisition ? It is said that 30 million women were burned at the stake. By the Church. For ridiculous reasons. It was a massacre.

Well, did you know that the film who won the Oscar for best film in 2016 was called « Spotlight » ?
This film shows how a group of journalists for the Boston Globe uncovered the burried and hidden scandal of 90 priests which were pedophiles abusing the children in their parish. They were regularly transferred to other parishes every 3 or 4 years so their abusing tendencies would carry over somewhere else.
The story came out. It showed how this abuse of young innocent children, mostly boys, but sometimes girls, has spread in epidemic proportions. These priests cannot control their sexual energy.
249 priests and brothers were accused of sexual abuse within the Boston Archdiocese.
The number of abuse survivers is over 1000 people. It was proven that cardinal Law, knew about this epidemic of pedophiliac abuse of children in his archdiocese. As a result, in Dec 2002 Cardinal Law resigned from the Boston archdiocese. Unbelievably, the mother (mother ???) Church, reassigned him to the Basilica de Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome one of the highest ranking roman catholic churches in the world. The church has a unique way of rewarding its well deserving men!

Meanwhile, major sexual abuse scandals have been uncovered and documented in some 200 cities and locations all over the world.  And it is said that some 6 to 10 % of the catholic clergy worldwide suffers from pedophiliac addiction. That’s a lot of people.

I once travelled on the plane from England to New York, sitting next to a very nice Jesuit priest.
When he found out that I wrote the Art of Sexual Ecstasy, we got to talking about sex, we did not stop talking practically the whole way.
And I remember him telling me that he genuinely loved God and joined the Church because of this love. But that He suffered immensely throughout his years of priesthood, because there was no one there to guide him and teach him how he could channel his sexual energy.

Would it not be so much better if all spiritual institutions developed and taught their own form of Tantra to their clergy ? A tantra that holds sexual energy as a sacred expression of life. A tantra that honors and respects others : whether adults, or children. A tantra that teaches how to channel sexual libido to the highest chakra and experience it as a blissful meditation ? This can be the androgyny path and does not require a partner. Why don’t priests and monks practice this ?
Much more to say. But I’ll stop here.

How a 3D clitoris will help teach French schoolchildren about sex

From bronze clitoris pendants to zines about Dracula’s, the female sex organ is having a moment in France.

Paul Verlaine celebrated it in his 1889 poem Printemps as a “shining pink button”, but thanks to the sociomedical researcher Odile Fillod, French schoolchildren will now understand that it looks more like a hi-tech boomerang. Yes, the world’s first open-source, anatomically correct, printable 3D clitoris is here, and it will be used for sex education in French schools, from primary to secondary level, from September.
From Fillod’s sculpture, pupils will learn that the clitoris is made up of the same tissue as the penis. That it is divided into crura or legs, bulbs, foreskin and a head. That the only difference between a clitoris and a penis is that most of the female erectile tissue is internal – and that it’s often longer, at around 8 inches.
“It’s important that women have a mental image of what is actually happening in their body when they’re stimulated,” Paris-based Fillod says. “In understanding the key role of the clitoris, a woman can stop feeling shame, or [that she’s] abnormal if penile-vaginal intercourse doesn’t do the trick for her – given the anatomical data, that is the case for most women.”
“It’s also vital to know that the equivalent of a penis in a woman is not a vagina, it’s her clitoris. Women get erections when they’re excited, only you can’t see them because most of the clitoris is internal. I wanted to show that men and women are not fundamentally different.”
Fillod had been working with Toulouse-based V.Ideaux, creators of an anti-sexist web TV series, to create a modern sex education video when it struck her that the clitoris was never presented correctly in school textbooks. This catalysed her to develop her 3D model at the Fab Lab, of the Cité des Sciences et de L’Industrie in Paris.
Fillod’s 3D clit has come in the nick of time. This June, Haut Conseil à l’Egalité, a government body monitoring gender equality in public life, published a damning report on the state of sex ed in France. The report revealed that sex education is rife with sexism. Current official guidelines state that young boys are more “focused on genital sexuality”, while girls “attach more importance to love”.
Clitoris activism is hot in France right now. The feminist group Osez Le Féminisme has been vocal in combatting the silence around it since 2011. While in Nice, a group of sex-positive feminists, Les Infemmes, has created a “sensual counter culture” fanzine called L’Antisèche du Clito or The Idiot’s Guide to the Clit. There are funny drawings of “Punk Clit,” “Dracula Clit” and “Freud Clit”, as well as facts about the organ.
Meanwhile, jeweller Anne Larue has created a bronze clitoris pendant in conjunction with Les Infemmes artist Amandine Brûlée. “The clitoris has been the hidden, shameful organ for so long,” says Larue. “My necklace brings it to the light of day.” She reassures that the more timorous should not be worried about wearing it: “For the uninitiated, it looks like an octopus or a neolithic goddess.”
The Australian doctor Helen O’Connell is often credited as being the first person to show the complete anatomy of the clitoris to the modern world in 1998. In fact that achievement belongs to LA-based activist-artist Suzann Gage, who realised, while looking for images of the clitoris to illustrate a book called A New View of a Woman’s Body in 1981, that her best information came from medical textbooks of the 1800s – when anatomical drawings were done from cadavers. So images of the clitoris might have existed for a long time but, on realising that it played no direct part in reproduction, the medical profession chose to ignore it.
Fillod has hopes that doctors as well as school teachers, will use her sculpture to learn – and teach – the truth about the female body. “France has the reputation for being sexually sophisticated, but often it’s about male sexuality.” However, she is optimistic about the future. “Understanding that they have an erectile system just like men, I think women will start to experiment more. They will understand that pleasure is not some magic that only a partner knows how to give.”

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