Through ecstatic living and the cultivation of sacred relationships of sensual power and emotional vitality, SpiritWorks strives to encourage global transformation through universal worship and respect for the divine without limitations of cultural origins, gender, race or economic condition. SpiritWorks was founded by Margot Anand to guard and transmit the ancient teachings bestowed upon her—teachings that are energizing communities in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Oceania and the Americas. To preserve this priceless legacy, SpiritWorks Church is currently developing a ministerial program to collaborate with different charities and foundations whose work corresponds with SpiritWorks’ vision: Helping at the Source. During pilgrimages to special groups such as Myanmar orphanages, senior-living facilities, convents, poor villages needing help with well digging, and so much more, we will distribute our cash reserves directly at the source, so we can be certain that our donations are in the right hands.

Help create a better world for all by working, teaching, and sharing with charitable organizations around the world. We encourage you to join us by donating to our selection of organizations that are currently making a difference:

John Perkins Newsletter

PachaMama Alliance

Children of the Night



Yayasan Anak orphanage in Bali

Michel Roudnitska

Indians manufacture great perfume and thereby improve their economy on the ground.


Coeur DeForet

Teaching SkyDancing Tantra Programs

SkyDancing programs—which promote sacred sexuality—make donations to the church.

Down through the ages, sexuality has been marred by taboos and constrained by guilt and many rules. SpiritWorks is promoting the notion that love and sexuality are a form of prayer to the divine source of all life, that partners can honor each other as an aspect of the divine One and create a ritual of sacred space before they enter into love making, and dedicate their love and sexual interactions to the healing of Mother Gaia.

I am providing information about several organizations dedicated to helping victims of sexual abuse. I feel that the people who run these organizations are well-intentioned, extremely hard working, effective and worthy of support.

DSC04718The Chaiim Foundation (India)
The mission of this foundation is to rehabilitate survivors of human trafficking in a way that helps them to hold their heads
up with dignity and pride, by offering them education, life skills, counseling, vocational training, job readiness and housing.

These survivors are in the age group between 18 and 25 years. This foundation’s effort is to give them a second chance and a better way of life after they have been tricked, duped, raped and sold by people who promised them a better way of life.

Tel. +91 022 28675446

Ramana’s Garden (India)
I highly recommend a foundation called Ramana’s Garden, located on the banks of the River Ganges just above Rishikesh. The foundation provides a safe, loving home where girls and boys are brought from situations of high risk: child trafficking, child labour, begging, rag-picking, drug-addicted and violent parents. These children are given a new life, free education and a nourishing environment where they can heal and redesign their lives. The foundation currently has 60 children living in Ramana’s Garden, two in medical school, one getting a degree in psychology, one in journalism, one in USA studying civil engineering on full scholarship, two in business management college. In addition, two girls are professional dance instructors, 22 girls dance professionally in the Ramana’s Garden Dance Troupe and 13 have traveled to perform internationally.

Websites: www.sayyesnow.org and www.friendsramanasgarden.org

For Paypal go to http://www.friendsramanasgarden.org/donate

Contact: Dr. Prabhavati Dwabha.
Email: dwabha@hotmail.com.
Phone: +91 135 435558 (India)

Prerana (India)DSC05117
This organization is run by a wonderful woman called Priti Patkar. You can see her video on Prerana’s website at: http://www.preranaantitrafficking.org/orc/media.htm.

Prerana’s staff work with children of sex workers. Their main objective is to prevent inter-generational trafficking – to stop the children of prostitutes becoming involved in the sex trade. This is a progressive organization and Priti is an interesting, amicable and well-informed woman. My feeling is that all the funds are used wisely and that this woman has a lot of integrity. Prerana has branches in Kamatipura and Navi Mumbai.

Contact: Priti Patkar.
Email: preranakp2010@gmail.com

ACT (Association of Christian Thoughtfulness) (India)
A trauma counselling service offered to victims and survivors of trafficking. Alita Ram, who is connected with both ACT and SAAHARA, is a medical doctor who offers healing therapy to traumatized victims. The model ACT uses is trauma-focused CBT that has seven stages and takes 1-2 years of regular counselling. ACT has volunteer counsellors but the need exceeds what they can provide. Alita Ram would like to train more counsellors in the skills needed to work with trauma.

Contact: Alita Ram.
Email: alitaram.act@gmail.com

Sahaara (India)DSC06348
Sahaara used to be part of OASIS, an organization working with street children, women and children of the red light districts, and, more recently, prisoners.

Sahaara decided to devote its energy to the area where it could be most effective and in 2004 started its prison project.
Corruption in the Indian legal system is endemic. Many people are in prison for years before they get to trial, with no advocacy or support.

Sahaara focuses on men who are arrested for trafficking, exploitation and keeping the sex trade going. The organization aims to support them so they don’t get caught in a cycle of reoffending. It’s a complicated process because very often the organization has to deal with officials who are corrupt.

Contact: Max Fernand.
Email: sahaarasociety@gmail.com

Children of the Forest (Thailand)
This organization has been recommended to me by a friend, Danny Paradise, an international yoga teacher who is helping with this project.Children of the Forest is located in Sangkhlaburi, 19km from the Thai-Burma border, an area where today, stateless children face a life entrenched in poverty and danger. Since the end of World War II, the Karen and Mon people of Burma have been engaged in a guerrilla war to gain freedom. Karen and Mon women and children and have become innocent victims of the Burmese military regime.

Recently, attacks on the Karen and Mon people have intensified; whole villages have been forced to flee and there are now an estimated 2,000,000 displaced Karen and Mon living along the Thai/Burma border.
More than 1,000 stateless children are being assisted by Children of the Forest. Some are orphaned, others abandoned, abused or neglected and many are victims of trafficking. By focusing on the critical issues of education, health care and child protection, we strive to provide hope and opportunity to those most in need, and create paths to stability and happiness.

Children of the NightDSC06656
Children of the Night is a privately funded, non-profit organization established in 1979 and is dedicated to rescuing America’s children from the ravages of prostitution.

24-HR Hotline: 1.800.551.1300

Watch on YouTube:
Children of the Night PSA 2011 #1 Emily

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