The Joy of Vulnerability in Byron

At the Byron Bay Sex and Superconsciousness Conference launched by ISTA (International School of Temple Arts), founded by a man named ‘BabaDez”) and organized by Eve Glimma, I had a breakthrough.

I walked on stage to deliver my keynote speech dressed in the most colorful psychedelic, sexy outrageous outfit I ever wore in the course of my long career. I told the audience that I was grateful for this opportunity to be so daring.

I realized that for all this time, I had wanted to raise public awareness in the West, about  “Tantra” . I wanted Tantra “to be taken seriously” as a legitimate and important science of spiritual development – one of the rare ones that incorporated sexuality as a path to spirituality. And I had always worn elegant, conservative and formal  costumes at public conferences.

But now, in Byron Bay, I did not care. Because I was surrounded by joyful, sex positive, people who loved their bodies and felt comfortable wearing sexy and daring outfits.

The conference unfolded in a fun and flowing way.Thanks to Colin and Eve and to all of you people out there who have ever been willing to break out of the box. You all gave me a lift!

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