I Dreamed of Costa Rica–Margot’s Reflections

My Friends,

I have returned from my adventure at Blue Spirit. The area around NOsar was absolutely lovely. Immense coast line of great pristine, untouched beaches, no garbage anywhere, the environment totally protected.

Blue Spirit was a dream ! All the most elegant and modern amenities, an extraordinary group room for workshops, with pristine wooden floors and glass walls overlooking the coast and the magnificent ocean.

The food– vegetarian and sensational beyond delicious with “cleanse” menus, and all raw menu options available.

The people– were loving the options to dance, do yoga, meditate do ChiGung, or study Tantra with me, or Shamanism with John Perkins.

th-beach2 margots-transport beachfire2

We let the New Year in with ritual and community. These photos show us doing a sacred fire ceremony on the beach to let go of the old energies and call in the light and protection for 2012 and beyond.

I hope I get to tell you in person about this unforgettable adventure in Costa Rica. Now onward to Byron Bay for the Sex and Consciousness Conference.


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