SkyDancing Tantra & Beyond: A Vision Toward Global Awakening!

Allo Friends,

Imagine being in an incredible natural paradise with pure natural, virgin beaches inhabited by all species of birds and animals, forest jungles teaming with Costa Rican wild life, and studying your favorite topics with world masters !!!

I personally LOVE BlueSpiritCostaRica, the Omega Costa Rica retreat center in Nosara, below the Nicoya peninsula. I have watched it grow from ground zero to a most exquisite seminar center…

I am going to teach concurrently with John Perkins, one of my heroes. You will enliven your body, awaken the luminescence of your brain, help mother earth, have the most fascinating conversation with people dedicated to global and personal  awakening…. Come join me there! Omega Institute


Margot Anand
 SkyDancing Tantra & Beyond
: A Vision Toward Global  Awakening
Tantra teaches us to transmute sexual delight into spiritual ecstasy.  Since our bodies are both of love and of the planet, our personal awakening is    linked to planetary awakening. This week, Margot Anand, author of the best-  seller The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, takes us on a journey to cultivate global  awakening, beginning with ourselves. We go on inner journeys of purification,  clarify our goals regarding love and sexual delight, and develop our inner light  using guided meditations, visualizations, breath, movement, dialogue, and       sensual inquiry. Week 3.

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