Margot Anand Shares New Insights with Bali Angels Supporters

An article about my recent series of free talks at Villa Gaia in Ubud, Bali. Enjoy! Margot

In February and March international author and master Tantra instructor, Margot Anand, delivered a series of four free/by donation talks at Villa Gaia to support the Bali Angels charity organization. At these marquis events, which also included raw food pot luck dinners and community networking, Margot discussed her new life in Bali and her latest inspirations. She also went into aspects of the trainings and techniques that made her one of the leading international authorities on spirituality and sexuality.

Using lectures, roleplaying and practical exercises, Anand covered a variety of topics at the Villa Gaia events among them being: healing through communication, the dance between lifeforce and consciousness, the power of ritual in relationships, overcoming guilt and shame, and how to awaken the inner lover.

Having been on a sabbatical in Bali for 3 years, Margot’s recent experiences with Balinese mysticism were also shared as she encouraged people to remember to awaken and follow their dreams.  “Remembering who you are and where you going are the keys to leading a joyful and rich life and healing old wounds,” she said

Margot took time away from the public eye for several reasons among them being to revise and further maturize her time-tested practices. She credits her discoveries and inspirations in Bali for a new series of teachings, which are still being developed. “You can plant a seed and feel it manifest in a state of ecstasy,” she says in reference to her experiences, “Thought, feeling and amazing synchronicity: that’s what happens in Bali,” Anand says

Having worked with other world renowned spiritual leaders such as Deepak Chopra, John Perkins and Anand Krishna, Margot’s experience in the field is world class in the eyes of her peers. She founded the SkyDancing Tantra organization and 6 institutes worldwide, and has sold a million copies of her books.

Suggesting that her teachings had helped improve the lives of 50,000 people, Anand encouraged her audience to empower themselves by placing consciousness in the center of their lovemaking practice and understanding the language of bliss, “Take into account your power to create bliss as a motor for transmutation,” said Anand, “This way, whenever there is a problem, there is also an opportunity for you to be creative.”

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by Shervin Boloorian

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