Dreaming of the Dream Home

margots-houseIt is while on travel that home is missed most–home for me being a beautiful one-of-a-kind creation, just recently completed, that lies on the East Coast of Bali in between the waves and Bali’s highest peak: the towering Mount Agung.

To be involved with this architectural opus from conception to completion brought me great joy, as well as a number of challenges. But the bond between my living space and I has never been more sacred and intimate. My home contains Balinese guardians, Javanese carvings, a space for me to paint, a unique self-designed statue of Goddess Lakshmi, a 180′ view of the sea, 2 gorgeous Persian cats, sacred artifacts blessed by monks, and much more. This is how a friend described his first visit:

When I entered the space, I felt a release from my body. In every direction I felt a sense of mystery and freshness of energy that was overwhelming. As I scanned the 180 degree view of the ocean, I experienced a convergence of the elements; a blissful connection to the power of nature. And then my eyes greeted the extraordinary Lakshmi sculpture standing directly in the center of view. I felt an immediate urge to send praise and thanks for this outstanding temple of life force and creative inspiration.  I had never wanted to dance to the sensation of wave and wind so much.

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