Margot Anand’s Traditional Balinese Weddings

Your dream come true! Margot and her team can create an unforgettable tantric ceremony to celebrate your union.

As the Reverend founder of SpiritWorks Church, Margot Anand is enabled to perform marriage ceremonies.

Imagine that, as the bride and the bridegroom, an entire village of delighted priests, priestesses and villagers come and pick you up to take you to the temple and take several hours into changing you into a Balinese queen and a Balinese king by dressing you with extraordinary costumes and make up. You both look regal and noble.

Then, you climb into a golden chariot and a procession happens through the village. All around you are beautiful girls in costumes carrying offerings on their heads. The chariot is drawn by two standard bearers with lovely in the wind. And in front, an orchestra of musicians and gamelan players play strong tunes to let everyone know that here comes the bride and the bridegroom, the King and the Queen.

And from there, the day unfolds in countless delights: temple blessings with the priests, celebrations, Balinese dances, a dinner party for you and your friends in the tropical garden, and ending with western party and dance music.

This unique and very special program must be selected at least 6 months of advance for reservations and preparations.

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Private Coaching with Margot

In this unique, tailor-made, high-end program, Margot  works mostly with couples. She guides the couple to weave the energies of body, heart, mind and spirit, to establish a harmonious flow. She helps you to achieve your goal, whether it be: more eroticism in your sexuality, learning how to channel sexual energy to a meditative and spiritual dimension, or discovering new approaches and styles to love-making. This one-week private coaching includes all the delights Bali has to offer, guided feedback sessions to evaluate the effect of your practices (alone and together), empowering of the masculine and the feminine aspects of yourself, massage, spa treatments, well-being, and unique visits to sacred temples.  This unique and very special program for select people only is offered twice a year on demand.

It requires at least 6 months of advanced reservations and preparations.

Duration: 7 days
Cost: contact us
Partners or not? This program is mostly for couples.
Reservations: at least 3 to 6 months in advance. Requires a $500 deposit to reserve your space.

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