From Dr Deepak Chopra:
“Margot Anand is one of the original minds in the Tantric movement. I have known her for many years. She has a great understanding of spirituality, a great understanding of how sexual energy is the creative energy of the universe, and how to use that energy to bring about transformation and healing.

Margot Anand has an excellent intellectual understanding but also an excellent, knowledge based understanding. She was with Osho for many years, she has done many seminars with me.

I am always amazed at how she can express herself in a way that allows people to understand the deep significance of how we can channel sexual energy for reaching higher states of consciousness.”
-Dr. Deepak Chopra

From Tony Robbins:
“Margot Anand is considered to be the number one expert in the area of Tantra in the world.”
-Tony Robbins

From M. Johnson:
“Margot taught me that I can enhance intimacy through imagination. Create in my mind’s eye a vision of what is possible so that you can mobilize my talents and self trust to actualize it. And I loved her reminder: “Pleasure is a discipline. It has to be practiced daily through all your five senses.”
-M. Johnson, Financial Manager

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